Top 10 Best bars in Dubai (Updated 2022)

Are you planning a friend’s getaway trip to Dubai any time soon and are on the lookout for places where you can party hard and have a night to remember?

Dubai has some fantastic bars and clubs in the city that can give you the nightlife experience you deserve. Whether you want to unwind or let off some steam after a hectic week, bars in Dubai are a great place to visit in order to lighten up and forget your worries.

For your ease, this article is going to cover the best bars in Dubai that you can visit whenever you need a night out with your friends. From elegant rooftops to beach bars with the best lighting and music, we have got you covered.

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Best Bars in Dubai

With our carefully curated list of the best bars in Dubai, we have you sorted. Here are the must-try bars you can find in Dubai.

Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar is one of the best bars in Dubai. Its location is the rooftop of the new 25 hours Hotel One Central. The bar has an Amazonian jungle theme and is basically a celebration of Latin America. The inside is covered with trees and greenery. Apart from offering drinks, the bar makes sure that everyone has a good time there by switching between genres of music.

It has booths that look like monkey cages where guests can hide from their friends, making the experience worthwhile. More than that, the Monkey Bar is known for offering amazing cocktails with different blends and a stunning view which makes it the perfect spot for a Friday night.

Jazz Lounge

If you are more into intimate bars where you plan on having one on one conversations along with drinks, the Jazz Lounge is the most ideal place for you. It has seating for about forty people. The bar’s size and décor give off the impression that it is supposed to be accessible to a smaller number of people to build a sense of community.

Its decoration is really inviting; the walls are painted an Aegean blue with hints of gold, giving it a very elegant vibe. The ceiling is covered with a mural that adds to its grandeur.

This bar is only made for drinks apart from a small cheeseboard. Different bands are invited to perform here every night to ensure all guests have a great time. It is located on the corner is Gate District 2.

Galaxy Bar

Galaxy Bar is another great option if you are looking for an intimate bar. The address for the bar is Unit Co1, Gate Village, Building 9, DIFC. The interior is designed as an ode to classical Greek architecture.

The general setting is blue, and the rooftop is supposed to be a starry sky so that it resembles a galaxy. The Galaxy Bar has been ranked among the world’s 50 and 100 best bars.

The general décor and setting make it perfect to host a small intimate party, where you can have a good time with your close ones. The bar is known for serving really good signature cocktails, the most popular of which are drops of Jupiter and Goddess of Nature.

Other than that, there are some events that add to the bar’s popularity. Examples include the celebration of world asteroid day and their 12 stars Bartending Program, which brings renowned bartenders from all over the world to Dubai. Since the bar gets a lot of visitors make sure you have a reservation by calling them on +971 50 513 5908 or send them an email at

The Penthouse

The Penthouse is one of the most famous bars in Dubai. It can be found on top of Five Palm Jumeriah. This bar is known for being an amazing party spot with a diverse music selection, from retro tunes to the latest DJ’S.

Moreover, the Penthouse gives you a chance to try an award-winning Japanese cuisine by the famous chef Frederick Faucheux, perfectly paired with a variety of signature cocktails. Their cocktails are known for being a few of the best drinks you can find in Dubai.

Tree House

Even though rooftop bars in Dubai are increasing in number, Tree House remains one of the best bars in Dubai. The bar is covered in foliage, with intimate and cozy booths that are hidden between plants. The music range at this bar goes from acoustic solo singers to hard party tunes.

Tree House is most famously known for its Burj Khalifa views. Its address is Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, PO Box 8489. The bar offers a hand-picked selection of creative cocktails, champagnes, and wines. During the summer season, Tree House is fitted with an air-conditioned glass house. This along with the fairy light décor makes evenings there cool and memorable.


The SoBe rooftop bar is known for having the best vantage points for sunsets. You can expect full 360-degree views here. The turquoise color of the ocean against the sun and Dubai’s landscape make the views colorful and allow guests to witness the most beautiful sunset of their lives. The bar offers you a range of Chino-Latino food and special handmade drinks which is perfect for the view being offered.

The address of the bar is W Dubai, The Palm, West Crescent, Palm Jumeriah. In order to visit the place, you need to have a booking or reservation. To do that, you can contact them at 97142455800 or send them an email on

The London Project

The London Project is a botanical-filled bar located on Bluewaters Island. It consists of a ground-floor dining bar and gin garden. Its menu is specifically designed to represent different interpretations of London’s current cuisine.

This is a really good place to relax, where the bartenders know exactly what you would need. The drinks offered here are from all over the world. They have bold and vibrant flavors that you probably would not have tried before. You can find out more about them on

Bla Bla Dubai

Bla Bla Dubai is part beach, part restaurant, and part bar. The bar has made quite a name for itself and has become a popular spot for late-night drinks. There is a wide variety of drinks served here, perfect for all types of friends. Bla Bla also offers live entertainment in the form of bands and musicians. Since it has economical happy hour drinks and food deals, the place fills out very quickly on the weekends.

The Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is an import from Lebanon that made its name in Dubai’s bar life. It can be found on the edge of the Dubai Canal. It is a lovely spot for sundowners. The bar offers open-air spaces and magnificent views of the Dubai Canal.

Seven Sisters also offers its guests a night full of music and entertainment that makes the Mediterranean and Asian food experience even more enjoyable. They have exotic cocktail blends that will definitely make you revisit this place again.

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For your convenience, we have made a list of all the best bars in Dubai and mentioned why they stand out. Whether you want time to think for yourself or need to party hard to get rid of any sort of anxiety, these bars will aid in the process.

Just make sure to call them up if you have any sort of questions or confusion and make a reservation beforehand since most of these bars are well known and might be fully packed. Most of all, remember to have a good time and really take in the Dubai nightlife experience.


Q) Which area in Dubai has the best nightlife?

A) If you are looking for the best nightlife in Dubai, you will find it in Downtown Dubai. The neighborhood is always full of life, filled with activities to do. The area also offers attractions Dubai is famous for such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dancing Fountains. Many bars and pubs are located here that allow you to enjoy the night coupled with some partying.

Q) Is clubbing allowed in Dubai?

A) Clubbing is restricted to a few star hotels in Dubai since they have obtained liquor license that allows them to serve alcohol in their bars and lounges. Even though the nightlife culture in Dubai makes it look like clubbing is easily allowed, it is important to get a license.

Q) How expensive is clubbing in Dubai?

A) Visiting bars and clubbing in Dubai is very expensive, especially if you are looking to go to a 

high-end night club. Depending on what time of the year it is, and how well known the DJ for a particular night is, clubbing can cost you about $800 to $2200.

Q) What time do bars close in Dubai?

A) Bars and clubs in Dubai have a very short schedule. The timing is mostly from 11 pm to 3 pm. The peak hours start from 1 am since that is when most people start coming. Most of the bars close at around 3 pm, after which it becomes increasingly difficult to look for an open bar.


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