10 Best Beaches in Jeddah

If you’re visiting Jeddah for the first time or have been there before and are planning to revisit it, make sure you add a trip to one of Jeddah’s beaches to your to-do list. No trip to Jeddah is complete without visiting one of the city’s many spectacular beaches. 

Jeddah’s beaches are pristine, well-maintained, offer stunning views of the Red Sea, and provide plenty of facilities for visitors. Some of the city’s best beaches include Al Saif beach, Khaleej Salman beach, Obhur beach, Durrat Al Arus beach, Salhia Beach Resort, and OIA Beach Resort.

Read on to find out what the best beaches in Jeddah are and why visiting them is a must when you’re in the city. Happy reading!

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1. Al Saif beach


Al Saif beach is arguably one of the best beaches in the city of Jeddah. Located over 50km south of the city, the beach has beautiful, turquoise water, yellowish-brown sand, and trees nearby. You’ll also find a well-maintained garden near the beach that is a popular spot for picnicking and jogging. Al Saif beach is also very clean and well-kept.  

It is a perfect getaway for you and your family since it offers plenty of activities such as picnicking, barbequing, swimming, or simply soaking up the sun. The beach also offers scenic views of the sea and is a popular place for watching the sun set.

2. Thuwal beach


Thuwal beach is another great beach near Jeddah that deserves to be on the top of this list. The beach is a bit far from the city center, about 80 km to the north. But the pristine waters, beautiful sand, and unforgettable views definitely make the trip worth it. One of the great things about Thuwal beach is that the water is quite shallow near the shore, so it is safe for children or for those who can’t swim.

Popular activities at Thuwal beach include surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, camping, and barbecuing. The beach also has a beautiful mosque nearby that overlooks the sea.

3. Khaleej Salman beach

Another serene beach in Jeddah you should definitely visit is Khaleej Salman beach. Situated in Salman Bay, the beach is highly popular among tourists and locals alike. Situated to the north of the city, it is an open beach that is known for its beauty and serenity and is thronged by people in large numbers during the weekend.

The beach is quite family-friendly and is perfectly safe for children. There are a lot of things you can do here, besides enjoying the scenic views such as camping, barbecuing, and participating in tours.

4. Silver Sands beach


Silver Sands is another excellent beach situated near Prince Abdullah Al Faisal street in Jeddah. This beach is a private one and is definitely worth visiting. Besides offering stunning views of the sea, the beach offers plenty of other attractions for adventurers. These include windsurfing, swimming, and snorkeling.

Since this is a private beach, you need to make reservations and pay an entrance fee to gain access to it. The beach is less crowded and is perfect for anybody who loves peace. Due to the many attractions, this beach has to offer, it is a popular tourist destination.

5. Obhur beach

Obhur beach or South Obhur beach is another beach that is loved and frequented by locals and tourists alike. At roughly 30 kilometers from Jeddah’s city center, it is not as far as some other beaches on this list are. Obhur beach is a great place to enjoy breathtaking views of the Red Sea and partake in a host of beach activities such as swimming, camping, and picnicking.

Since the beach is not that far from the city center, you’ll find plenty of shops and restaurants nearby and thus packing a lot of food and refreshments for the trip might not be necessary.

6. Durrat Al Arus beach


Durrat Al Arus beach is one of the best private beaches and resorts in Jeddah. Located about 40 kilometers to the north of Jeddah, the area has hundreds of luxury villas, cafes, and restaurants. The area is collectively referred to as Durrat Al Arus village.

This beach is a private resort, so you’ll need to pay the fees to access it and enjoy all the facilities the place has to offer. The beach offers watersports such as snorkeling, diving, and jet skiing. There is also a diving school and an amusement park! Due to the numerous facilities Durrat Al Arus beach offers, it is a top tourist destination.

7. South Corniche beach


South Corniche beach is another beach that deserves to be included in the list of Jeddah’s best beaches. Located to the south of Jeddah, this beach covers a large area and stretches over 100 kilometers in length. The beach is popular among locals who frequent it to relax after work.

Nearby, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes as well as many food stalls and kiosks selling all kinds of refreshments. The beach is perfect for taking a leisurely stroll on the promenade or soaking in the beautiful views of the sea. It is certainly worth visiting if you’re new to the city.

8. Indigo Beach Resort


Jeddah has no shortage of excellent beach resorts. Indigo Beach Resort is another one on this list. This beautiful resort is located near Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street in Jeddah. It is a peaceful and tranquil place that offers stunning views of the Red Sea. Since this resort offers numerous facilities and has the usual charm of Jeddah’s beaches, it is perfect for adventure seekers and peace lovers alike.

The resort has several cafes and restaurants you can visit if all those watersports have made you hungry. Indigo Beach Resort also values visitors’ privacy and has separate swimming areas for men and women. 

9. OIA Beach Resort


Here’s another beach resort in Jeddah worth visiting: the OIA Beach Resort. The resort is very beautiful and offers unforgettable views of the sea. Much of the resort is made from white stone which adds to the appeal of the place. The resort and the beach remind one of the beautiful beaches in Greece.

OIA Beach Resort has all the facilities you’d expect a modern beach resort to have. You’ll have access to a plethora of watersports and beach activities and will be able to dine in at some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the city. The resort is highly popular among holidaymakers and tourists.

10. Salhia Beach Resort


The last beach on this list is the Salhia Beach Resort. This is a private and exclusive beach resort located near Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street in Jeddah. Frequented by tourists and locals alike, the resort is highly rated on numerous travel sites and blogs – and with good reason. The resort offers some of the most spectacular views of the Red Sea and has a peaceful and family-friendly environment. 

Here, you’ll be able to spend quality time with your loved ones, enjoy your favorite watersports, and check out some of the fanciest cafes in the vicinity.

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Final thoughts

One of the biggest attractions of Jeddah is perhaps its beautiful coastline and numerous beaches and beach resorts. These places feature beautiful, pristine, and calm waters, spectacular views, numerous facilities, and plenty of fun activities such as jet skiing, surfing, diving, and snorkeling. Beaches in Jeddah also have great cafes, restaurants, and food stalls nearby, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out.

Some of Jeddah’s beautiful beaches and beach resorts include Al Saif beach, Thuwal beach, Obhur beach, Salhia Beach Resort, OIA Beach Resort, and Durrat Al Arus beach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we answer some questions you might have about the beaches in Jeddah.

What are the best family-friendly beaches in and near Jeddah?

Most of the beaches and beach resorts in and near Jeddah are family-friendly and safe. These beaches are safe for kids and great places for vacationing. They offer a safe, relaxed environment where you can spend time with your family.

Some of the best family-friendly beaches in Jeddah are Al Saif beach, Thuwal beach, OIA Beach Resort, Obhur beach, and Salhia Beach Resort.

What are the best private beach resorts in Jeddah?

There is no dearth of good private beach resorts in Jeddah. These private beach resorts provide a peaceful environment where you can unwind and take in the beautiful scenery. Since these resorts are exclusive, they aren’t crowded and perfect for individuals craving peace and quiet.

The best private beach resorts in Jeddah include the Salhia Beach Resort, OIA Beach Resort, Durrat Al Arus beach, and Indigo Beach Resort.

What facilities do beach resorts in Jeddah offer?

Beach resorts in Jeddah offer plenty of facilities. They offer everything you’d expect a modern beach resort to have – and more. These include clean, peaceful beaches, access to several watersports (including the equipment), parking, prayer areas, and plenty of options for dining. Dining options include fancy cafes and excellent restaurants. 

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