Top 10 Best Beaches In Kuwait (Updated 2022)

Have you been thinking about going to Kuwait for a holiday? Do you enjoy being outside in the sun and being able to have a good time with friends and family? It is always a good idea to have some beaches on your bucket list since it is a sensational experience especially if you said yes to the previous questions.

Kuwait has a variety of exceptional beaches and they can be a relaxing getaway from all the noise of the city. We’ll be exploring a list of the best beaches and also what it is that makes them special to deserve your time.

Best beaches in Kuwait

This list is ordered in order of priority and reviews. We will start with the one with the best reviews and move forward from there. Keep in mind that you would not go wrong even if you went to the last one on the list as even that one has made it to the top beaches.

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Hilton beach


This is a beachfront resort in Kuwait and one of the only resorts with all the recreational facilities housed on the beach and not within the garden of the resort. This helps tourists to blend the experience of the resort and the beach into one. In general, everything is great apart from some complaints regarding room service.

It is a fairly well-known resort and you can find your way there either through GPS or by making bookings for a cab service beforehand. This one tops the list for its blend of resort and beach experiences.

The best time for a beach holiday at Hilton is during the summer when the water temperature is adequate and the rainfall is minimal. Such considerations have to be made when making plans.



This is a resort in the south of Kuwait. The special thing about this one is that it has artificial canals. It has everything ranging from a supermarket to barbeque grills. These are primarily the reasons why this one is considered to be one of the best resorts in Kuwait; some people even think it is better than Hilton.

The downside to this one is the fact that the coast is not cozy enough and can become uncomfortable for many as this is one of the integral parts of a beach experience. There are a couple of well-known hotels in Al-Khiran and they can be expensive.

 It becomes easier to bear if you have more people staying with you- around $200 a night. All of this also depends on the season in which you decide to go.

When going to Al-Khiran, it is best to consider taking a taxi as it can be a moderately-long way, around 50 kilometers from the airport. The road goes along the coast and it is super beautiful. The time period between May and September is considered the best time to go; this is once again based on rainfall trends and water temperature.

Falaika Island


This is an island and is considered to be one of the go-to resorts when visiting Kuwait. It is of particular interest because of the presence of ancient Greek ruins and remnants of the Iranian occupation of 1991. If you’re into history, you’ll definitely like this one.

There is only one hotel on the island by the same name. The government will soon put into action the plans it has to develop the island and it will not be as quiet after that. So, you should visit before that happens. It takes a ferry to get to the island and it can cost around $30

For the beach experience, it is best to go in the summer. It would be a better idea to go in the winter if you want to see the historic sites.

Messilah beach

This is a hotel that offers eastern luxuries that are a sight to behold, but this comes at an expensive price. Even though its services alone would have taken this one to the top of the list, the beach is rather mediocre and not as fun as the ones that have been mentioned above.

Jumeirah Hotel is one of the best resorts in Kuwait, starting from $300 a night depending on the season in which you decide or whether or not it is the weekend. Keep in mind that it would be best to go in the summer as the water is exceptionally cold in the winter.

Marine beach

This is a city beach and therefore, you’ll see a lot of people from the city. The feel of the beach is natural when compared to all of the other beaches mentioned before as they are artificial. The beach even has palm trees growing which is a rare thing to see in the Gulf.

The only issue with this beach is the garbage problem, the city does make a reasonable effort to clean it up but still, this is something to consider. Marina hotel Salmiya is the go-to hotel for this beach offering the best services but it is also the most expensive. It can be booked for around $300 a night but there are cheaper options closer to the beach.

The best times to visit this beach are the months between May and October as that is when the temperature is optimum.

Egaila beach


This is a more private beach, it is preferred by people who want to have picnics or barbeques as privacy is more suited to a family environment. The beach offers an excellent view of the city and the only issue is the fact that entry into the water is difficult because of the presence of rocks on the shoreline.

There are multiple hotels in the vicinity which are in the mid-range of affordability, starting from $150 a night. The best time to go to this beach is between June and October.

Movenpick al-Bida beach


This is another hotel beach with a good view of the city. Keep in mind that there are many other Movenpick resorts but this is the only one with access to the water. The only downside is that there are numerous small stones on the beach which can be problematic if you want to experience the beach barefoot.

The fares climb upward from around $250 a night, even though this can be considered slightly expensive but this is true of everything in Kuwait.  The warm season is considered to be the best time to go.

Fintas beach


This is a public beach, ideal if you don’t plan on staying for the night. It has ample places for children to play and entry into the water is smooth even though you may find stones in some places. The beach is surrounded by an urban area, full of places where you can get food to eat.

There are several hotels you can consider when deciding where you want to stay. The price range starts from around $150 a night. These are generally five-star hotels that offer luxurious services. The best to visit is, you guessed it, the summer.

Anjafa beach


This is another public beach that gives easy access to the water. There is a children’s playground and an open gym but they could use a cycle of renovations. It is best to go to this beach during the day as there are not many hotels around and this beach is not considered to be a safe place in the dark.

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Even though there are many options, it would not be lost time if you decided to dedicate multiple days to beaches in Kuwait. Each and every one of them provides a relatively unique experience in terms of activities, aesthetics, and food; some would be more suited to your taste.

This is a list of the beaches in Kuwait with the best reviews and the things that set them apart have all been outlined. Visit this link for additional information about beaches and Kuwait in general


Is there a public beach in Kuwait?

Fintas and Anjafa are two of the most popular public beaches in Kuwait. Fintas is considered to be the one to choose if you want to be surrounded by a more urban environment. It is good advice to avoid staying on Anjafa beach after sunset because of safety concerns.

Where to go swimming in Kuwait?

There are many public beaches and parks that you can visit when the water cools from the hot summer. It can be a refreshing experience. Fintas and Anjafa beach are two popular options. It is important to watch out for stones if you decide to go for a swim, for your safety.

What to do on Egaila beach in Kuwait?

This is a private beach and is considered to be suitable for picnics and barbeques. It would be a better experience if you went to this one instead of the others if you’re taking your family along and would like to spend more time with them instead of solely sightseeing.

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