One of the best things about traveling abroad is being able to bring back exciting objects and purchases that you find. So if you find yourself in turkey, you’ll want to know the best shopping malls in Istanbul. Istanbul has some of the biggest and best shopping centers in Turkey, so you’ll want to ensure you take a trip there. 

However, there are many things to consider before you decide which is the best for you. You’ll want to know what kinds of Brands and amenities are available, how easy it is to get there by metro or taxi, and what kind of activities are for children if you’re traveling as a family. 

Let’s discover some of the best shopping malls in Istanbul and the characteristics that distinguish them so that you can make the best choice for where to spend your holiday. 

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Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul

Istinye Park


This nicely decorated shopping center has plenty of stores for you to check out with almost anything you could want. The stores have a collection of brands, from International favorites to local shopping. The shops also have a lively atmosphere which accentuates the lovely decor. 

If you get a little bit hungry while on your shopping adventures, it also has an extensive collection of cafes and restaurants for you to check out. There are even a collection of sweet shops if you want to take something that should go home with you. The mixture of local and international coffee shops also means that you can have a pick-me-up throughout your day. 

For more information on what you can expect from the Istinye Park shopping center, from brands to restaurants, check out the Istinye Park website

Zorlu Center

The Zorlu Center has some of the biggest renowned brands in the world, including the only Bulgari and Tiffany ; Co. stores in Turkey. Some of the other brands available are Louis Vuitton and Prada. However, there are more international brands than local ones, so if you’re looking for Turkish finds, you may be disappointed. 

If you decide to shop in the Grand bazaar, then be aware that prices usually aren’t on display, and you will need to know how to haggle with the locals effectively. There is also access to the metro and bus for an efficient way to get to and from the shopping center. 

Istanbul Cevahir Mall

The Istanbul Cevahir Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Turkey, so make sure you’re with a friend, so you don’t get overwhelmed or lost. It has everything from clothing like Zara and Sketchers to electronics shops. 

The mall is also within walking distance from hotels where tourists like to stay, making it easy for you to travel back and forth while on your trip. 

Forum Istanbul Alisveris Merkezi

The Forum Istanbul Alisveris Merkezi is another giant shopping center where you will need help from the maps to traverse. It has plenty of different brands, including international favorites and Turkish ones. Unfortunately, there aren’t many benches, so you’ll need to find places to rest. 

The top floor is primarily a food court, meaning you can find something to munch on while finishing your shopping. It’s a great family spot if you have younger children since there is an aquarium, cinema, bowling alley, and Legoland. 

Mall of Istanbul


The Mall of Istanbul is a gorgeous shopping center with some significant shops and brands you can browse. He’s also a pretty big place, so make sure that you pay attention to that and signage so that you don’t lose yourself and all of the shops and places to eat. You can find brands in the Mall of Istanbul: Zara, H ; M, and Mango ; Stradivarius. 

The mall of Istanbul is also easier to access than the others because there’s a bus station directly in front of it. However, some people have reported having issues with getting a taxi bear, so you may be better off taking a bus than other methods. If you want to take a taxi, you should do adequate research into the company before you decide to enter the vehicle. 

If you want to find out more about the shops at the Mall of Istanbul, then check out the Mall of Istanbul website

Via/Port Outlet


The Port Outlet is next to the water, as the name implies, giving you something to look at while shopping. There are also a lot of outdoor restaurants and coffee shops, so you can sit and enjoy the view. The shops tend to be on the more expensive end, so be aware of that, but it might help you find more high-end products.

This is a great shopping center if you’re looking for more luxury brands, especially if you’re coming from the European side. Going from other directions might be a little bit far, but finding that unique piece is worth it. However, this means that it’s not the most child-friendly. 

Emaar Square

This isn’t what you might think of as a conventional mall and is more of a collection of shops you can wander through. They have some beautiful architecture and somewhat luxury brands that shopping enthusiasts will be happy to get their hands on. However, that doesn’t mean that the prices are slightly higher than you might get with other malls. 

However, there are some activities there specifically for children for those that are over the age of 6. This includes a little ride such as a slide so you can keep your kids entertained while also exploring some of the international and Turkish brands available. 

Watergarden Istanbul

The Watergarden Istanbul is a shopping center that has a central show pool. This includes exquisite choreography with the water, lights, lasers, music, and fire shows. This means you can sit at restaurants and cafes to enjoy a dazzling water show while you dine. 

While there is less variety in the different brands and shops you can check out, this is a fantastic place to rest and enjoy the view instead of rushing around to find the latest brand collections. There’s even a zip line at the top of the mall so you can enjoy the water fountain from an entirely different angle. 

Venezia Mega Outlet

This certainly is a mega Outlet for shopping, with multiple pools and even a canal running through the center of the different buildings. Yes, that means numerous buildings for you to check out while shopping. It’s an immense structure so ensure you have a map and game plan for how you’re going to navigate around it before you show up. 

With the massive size of this outlet, there are also lots of options for shopping because there are not only multiple buildings filled with different shops for you to look at but also underground areas with Turkish and international brands. The food court also has a lot of variety, so you can pick up something to eat while shopping. 

Aqua Florya Alisveris Merkezi

The Aqua Florya is more of a modern shopping mall that incorporates the shopping you would expect and lots of entertainment from the aquarium to diverse restaurants to the see of use and theatres or various events. There’s nothing like enjoying a sunset over at Ocean View while eating at a restaurant after a day of shopping. 

Due to the sheer number of activities, there are at the shopping mall is a great place to go with a family. There is only an aquarium, but there are also tons of other activities. Parents can even sit on the beautiful Terraces on various levels of the shopping mall, enjoying the view while their kids enjoy the different entertainment. 

Grand Bazaar

Once listed as the world’s most visited tourist attraction, the Grand Bazaar is among the world’s oldest and largest covered markets. Also, it’s one of the earliest shopping malls in the world to exist. Besides its rich history, you will find everything you need in the Grand Bazaar.

This enormous market has a variety of foods, clothes, accessories, and much more. Even better, the prices are friendly, and the products are authentic and high-quality. 

A significant landmark of Istanbul, you will find the Grand Bazaar inside the walled city of Istanbul. You can access the Bazaar from the Fatih district and Sirkeci neighborhood by enjoying the modern Istanbul Tram system. Close to the mall is the famous Galata bridge offering a scenic view of the Golden Horn and the crowded urban skyline. 

This shopping mall is a must-visit if you fancy art and architecture and if you are interested in the rich Turkish culture. However, don’t visit this shopping mall on Sundays and bank holidays because it’s usually closed. Also, be wary of the toilet facilities that are somewhat unappealing.

Nonetheless, the beauty and fascination of the Grand Bazaar make it a top and must visit shopping mall in Istanbul.


And those are the best shopping malls in Istanbul, from the biggest shopping centers in Turkey to some of the best places to find local shopping. Some shopping centers are a little bit too big for families since they don’t have the best places to rest, but some areas have lots of activities for kids to enjoy.

Hopefully, you’ll find the best place to accomplish what you were shopping for while visiting Istanbul, whether getting some of the best International brands or finding some local delicacies. Remember that sometimes prices are put on items, so you’ll need to know their worth before shopping.

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What is the largest shopping mall in Istanbul?

The largest shopping mall in Istanbul is the Forum Istanbul shopping center and one of the best shopping centers in Europe. You can easily access this mall through the metro and even enjoy some sea life at the inside aquarium. 

Where is the largest shopping mall in Turkey located?

The largest shopping mall in Turkey is Cevahir in the Sisli area of Istanbul. You can travel there easily by metro, and it has some of the most internationally famous brands and local shopping.

Where is the best shipping in Turkey?

  • Mall of Istanbul
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Bagdat Street
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Kemeralti Market
  • Nişantaşı Shopping Center
  • İstiklal Caddesi


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